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Śūnyatā Heart (Mặc Không Tử)

Since a Buddha's disciple has renounced the city life,
Moved to the mountain,
An ordinary life has been left behind,

She made her best decision yet,
Writing the Buddha's teachings on palm leaves,
Writing the Buddha's teachings in every person's heart,
Illustrating a "mother's love to her only child".

Since a Buddha's disciple has left ordinary things behind,
Holding the Dharma path is her only companion.
Heeding the words from the silence,
Finding out meanings from Dharma lessons.
Considered together, day by day her pure heart leads to the Path of Liberation.

Since a Buddha's disciple has left oneself and others aside,
Her caring towards sentient beings is a Śūnyatā way;
Since then there has been no expectation,
Nothing has been in return for her acts.
Finally, she has comprehended the Buddha's smile,
His Śūnyatā smile at the Śūnyatā world.

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